Java Dynamic Dns Client

A Dynamic Dns Client enables you to run a web server on your computer at home. Whenever your Face Ip changes the client automatically updates the Ip settings of your web site name with your Dns Service Provider.


The Java Dynamic Dns Client is a client written in Java. It has been tested on Windows 32, Linux and Mac OS X. It can run on any other java enabled platform.


Java Dynamic Dns Client has now been integrated with the Host Management Extension Project. For source code or further details please check out this project. The Java Dynamic Client project now includes a fully configured bundle, which fulfills the functions required by a Dynamic Dns Client.


Current Relase is Beta-4. The DnsMonitor and DhisMonitor are stable and have been running on my site for a few years now. It remains Beta for the new features included:

  • New Ajax web interface. It is acessible per default through the URL: It implements similar functions as the exisiting web interface (which is still available). The new interface is implemented using ajax4jmx which is based on GWT
  • Access router per Upnp, SNMP
  • P2P BChecker issues resolved
  • Removed diverse bugs when crawling the router web interface (should now work with DLINK DLG series, see FaceIpMonitor docs).

Binary and source dowload is available here

Sourceforge Site is here

Please post your questions, comments and issues to this site. Sourceforge notifications do not seem to work (at least for me) but I am polling it once a month. You may also email me through sourceforge.


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