Beta-4 January 11, 2007

  • New Ajax web interface.
  • Access router per Upnp, SNMP
  • P2P BChecker issues resolved
  • Removed diverse bugs when crawling the router web interface (should now work with DLINK DLG series, see FaceIpMonitor docs).

Beta-3 September 6, 2006

  • removed diverse bugs
  • mail transmission: better support for public mail providers security requirements: transmit a limited number of mails per login session, time out between logins to mail server.
  • tested with mac os x
  • introduced http adapter as mbean, access now requires authentication

Beta-2 June 15, 2006

  • mail ProviderNotFound Exception -> added mail patch. For more information see here.
  • added support for including QRC authentication.
  • Source checked into sourceorge subversion

Beta-1 June 5, 2006

  • the JVM caches DNS queries -> DNS lookups return "old" IPs. -> Setting the security propertynetworkaddress.cache.ttl does not seem to work within a servlet. -> Do our own DNS lookup using dnsjava
  • Added Redirector
  • List of  IPQueryUrls per default
  • Enhanced IP change monitoring using DNS lookup -> call IPQuery only if necessary.
  • Do not show passwords. getPassword removed from MBean interface
  • Integration with rzomx
  • removed buddy check due to memory leak in jxta. Will be added after memory check problems are solved.
  • Rewerite -> added IpConfig, FaceIpMonitor, DnsMonitor MBeans
  • Crawl router web interface using acme spider


Alpha-4 September 16, 2005

Added Bchecker
Supports a list of IPQueryUrls
removed bug in IP determination -> using java readLine
getMyIP called only if a LoopCheck fails

Alpha-3 August 20, 2005

 Added CHANGEIP, DYNDNSORG (not tested so please send a mail if there are problems) changed the output -> find IP address in page using regex
added mail notification

Alpha-2, Spetember 20, 2004

 Added Enom Dyndns - Thanks to Jacob Schuetze
Changed IP determination - Thanks to Luciano
Check first for loopCheck then for IP address
Management using MX4J


Alpha-1,  November 28, 2001


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