Updating from older version

Updating from Beta-3 to Beta-4

Unzip beta 4 into a new directory.

Copy the <beta-3>\DataStore directory  to <beta-4>\DataStore

Given that the FaceIpMonitor component has changed, you will have to either edit the file “FaceIpMonitor#1name=default,type=FaceIpMonitor.xml” with a text editor or copy this file from the beta-4 distribution and reneter your data through the user interface. If you choose to edit the file you will have to replace the string “UseRouter” with “UseRouterHttp”. If you are getting exceptions in XStream then something has gone wrong during editing.


Updating from Beta-2 to Beta-3

Unzip beta 3 into a new directory.

Copy from <beta-2>\DataStore directory the following files to <beta-3>\DataStore:

  • DhisMonitor#1name=myZone,type=DhisMonitor
  • FaceIpMonitor#1name=default,type=FaceIpMonitor
  • Redirector#1name=80_8081,type=Redirector

Given that the mail component has been rewritten, you will have to reenter the data for the mail server.

Note that the /sh directory has been removed. You will not find the scripts for all OS under /bat/<your-os>

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