• Easy to configure. Editing of XML configuration files optional.
  • All settings and the current status are stored in XML files. These are automatically loaded when the system restarts.
  • Mail Notification.
  • Automatic Ip identification from Router, Web Service, or File.
  • Works  practically with all web enabled routers.
  • Can use UpnP, SNMP, HTTP, External Web Site, to determine the current IP.
  • Automatic Retries
  • Accessibility Monitoring
  • Runs as a servlet (TODO), a windows service/linux demon, or as a console application
  • supports unlimited number of zones
  • can run behind NAT, DSL-Router
  • JMX enabled -> remote API access, access per JMX http browser, access per JMX enabled monitoring application
  • TCP Redirector for redirecting TCP/IP streams from a given port to a different port and/or different host
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