Alerts are messages generated by the system.

To view the complete message click on the alert link.

To remove an alert click on the alert and then click on the removeAlert button

To remove all alerts click on the alert manager link and then click on the removeAllAlerts button.

Here a typical set of alerts generated during startup:

name=Alerts_default_06.09.2006 21-43-34
name=DhisMonitor_myZone_06.09.2006 21-43-34
name=DnsMonitor_myZone_06.09.2006 21-43-34
name=FaceIpMonitor_default_06.09.2006 21-43-40
name=default_06.09.2006 21-43-53

The maximal number of messages can be set with the AlertsManager configuration.


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