Bchecker (Buddy Checker) is a novel P2P function for monitoring the accessibility of your web site. Using P2P the program will search for other peers which have activated the Bchecker function and will register your web server for monitoring. The buddy will continously check the accessibility of your web server. An alert mail will be generated if your site is not accessible. Your program will continously check that the buddy is monitoring your site. If your buddy goes down the program will search for a new buddy.
This function uses the Jxta public network. The sun jxta rendezvous servers operate on port 9700 or 9710. Check that at least 9700 is free and open.


Number of buddies which are running the BChecker function and which are accepting connections.


Port through which a buddy will check accessibility to your web site. Please make sure that you firewall and server are correctly set to accept and forward this port. You may check that this port is correctly set by entering the following URL in you browser:

http://<your zone>:8083?pid=123


List of Zones received from buddies and which you are monitoring. Displayed is the name of the zone and the last time you accessed it. An Email is sent to the zone owner each time a zone is added or dropped from the list. A zone is dropped if it cannot be accessed.


True, if we have access to the JXTA network


If true, the Bchecker service will be started


True, if all our zone are monitored by a buddy.


List of zones for which we have found a buddy and which are correctly polled by the buddy. It displays the name of the zone and the last time the buddy polled us.


Name of the JXTA rendezvous server


List of our zones for which should be polled by a buddy. You should enter the name of a DynDnsMonitor. For now you cannot enter the name of a DhisMonitor. Polling notifications will be sent to the mail address stated in the zone monitor. zone monitors which are stopped or which do not have an e-mail will not be sent to buddies for polling.

  1. First make sure that you have a properly configured mail server and DynDnsMonitors.
  2. To start the service call the url in your web browser and select the P2P Monitor tab
  3. Klick the start button, then restart the JVM by klicking the RestartJVM button in the Config tab.
  4. You should now see that the you are connected to the JXTA network.
  5. Add the name of a Zone to the list. The list should have the following form: “[<zone>, <zone>]. Note Names should consist of only alpha-numeric characters.
  6. The Jxta P2P may require some time to find buddies and will register all your zones which have defined a ToEmail.
  7. To stop the Bchecker service klick the stop button. Then restart the JVM
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