The log file is found int the files mx.log and mx.log.<n>

Every 5 MB a new log file is created. A maximum of 10 log files are maintained. This configuration may be changed in the wrapper.conf.

For more information on wrapper see here.

For now there is no way to set the logging level.

In the following some explanations which may help you through the logging chaos. Since the program is highly multi-threaded it may be difficult to read the log file. Generally: + indicates the begin of method, - the termination of a method.

  • System initialisation:
    • “XStream: Repository load” loading of the xml files from DataStore. No Exceptions should occur here. If so, the schema of the xml file does not correspond to the java file
    • “not correct class load” can be ignored.
    • “Tomcat ... dir”: check that tomcat found the correct webapps dir. If so “Tomcat application found jmx.browser-1.2.0” should be logged. If this is not logged you will have to edit the directory in the file: DataStore\MxHttpAdapter#1port=8081,type=MxHttpAdapter.xml. Note that if tomcat is not configured correctly you have no access to the web interface.
    • “java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: No matching class for : urn:jxta:uuid...“ is an Exception generated by jxta. This may be ignored.
    • “Failed to close messenger net.jxta.impl.endpoint.tcp.TcpMessenger” is an exception generated by jxta which may be ignored
  • FaceIpMonitor:
    • + FaceIpMontor: loopcheck: The host did not accept the connection within timeout of 3000 ms
      - FaceIpMonitor loopCheck false

      -> If the WAN IP changed or we have yet  no WAN IP or our router is not configured to forward the loop check port, the loop check fails.
    • + findRouterFaceIp
      + findWebFaceIp
      [DYNDNS ADMIN]get IP from www.ipchicken.com
      + httpclient get www.ipchicken.com
      - httpclient get www.ipchicken.com java.io.BufferedReader@1e80c87
      [DYNDNS ADMIN]Running on External IP : ...
      FaceIpMonitor: setting face ip : ..->..
      - findWebFaceIp <the web face ip>

      -> we found the wan ip on ipchicken.com. If we get an exception here check that firewall allows us to access the internet, or that the http proxy settings are ok.
    • + crawl router ...
      - crawl router: count found: <count of ips found>

      -> during crawling some exceptions may occur, but we should find some IP addresses, and especially our WAN IP should appear during the crawling. If this is not the case we have not got the correct GatewayIp or we are not able to access the router web interface.
    • FaceIpMonitor: using ip from router url :
      - findRouterFaceIp <ip found on the router>
      - checking monitor FaceIpMonitor:name=default,type=FaceIpMonitor

      -> We found an ip by crawling the router
  • DynDnsMonitor:
    • + checking monitor DnsMonitor:name=eprognos,type=DynDnsMonitor
      + checking monitor PortMonitor:name=default
      + httpclient get <zone>
      dns lookup <zone>
      - httpclient get <zone> null

      -> null means that access (loop check) to the zone failed
    • + httpclient get www.google.com
      - httpclient get www.google.com java.io.BufferedReader@b2175

      -> Check if we have access to the internet, by checking access to google.
    • + DynDnsMonitor: setDynamicIp: <WAN IP> null
      URL Result: <SUCCESS CODE="200" TEXT="Update ..">
      - DynDnsMonitor: setDynamicIp: OK
      - checking monitor DnsMonitor:name=...,type=DynDnsMonitor
      -> We were able to set the new IP with our provider. If this is not the case check the URL result mesage, mabe user, password, zone do not match.
  • DhisMonitor:
    • + checking monitor DhisMonitor:name=eprognos,type=DhisMonitor
      Alert: DhisMonitor:name=eprognos,type=DhisMonitor:missing dhis server message since <date> -> offline true

      -> We are missing dhis server polling -> set state to offline
    • sent ECHO_REQ
      received: ECHO_REP
      sent AUTH_REQ
      received: AUTH_SY
      sent AUTH_SX
      received: AUTH_ACK
      Alert: DhisMonitor:name=eprognos,type=DhisMonitor:log-on success true
      - checking monitor DhisMonitor:name=eprognos,type=DhisMonitor
      -> We were able to log-on to dhis
  • E-Mails:
    • + SmtpServer: connect
      waiting to connect...

      -> We are waiting for timeout before connecting to the server
    • - SmtpServer: connect
      Sending message .. : ...
      + SmtpServer: disconnect
      - SmtpServer: disconnect

      -> We were able to send a message, an exception during connect or during message transmission may indicate that the mail server settings are wrong or that your firewall settings are blocking access to the mail server.
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