Mail Transmitter is an MBean for transmitting e-mails. It is implemented using source from jakarta commons mail.

With the Mail Notification function you may receive alerts per mail about the status of your dyndns update client. A mail is generated in case the IP address could not be set or in case it changes.

To Enable Email Notification for FaceIp and DynDnsMonitor proceed as follows:

  1. Test your mail server settings: call the url in your web browser and select the link: name=default,type=MailTransmitter
  2. Enter the necessary data such as host name, user name, password, etc.
  3. Invoke the test with the following parameter:
    • param1: the address to which the test mail should be sent (generally your mail address)

Check to see if the mail has been received. If not you may have to change the other mail parameters.


  1. Now that mail server parameters are correctly set: call the url in your web browser and select the link of the zone for which a mail should be sent. Enter a mail address in EmailTo and click the update button
  2. For mail notification on changes to the Face Ip enter an E-mail address in the FaceIpMonitor


Bounce Address. Separate multiple Addresses with ;


Characterset for emails and addresses


If true logs debug information


From Address (Your mail address)


From Name (Your Name)


Name of SMTP server


Maximal number of mails that your smtp server accepts within one login session


If true a login to the POP3 server is executed before transmission of emails.


Name of POP3 host (for server requiring POP3 authentication


Password for POP3 login


User name for POP3 login


Port of SMTP Server. default: 25


User name for SMTP server authentication


Password for SMTP server authentication

TimeoutBetweenConnec ts

Minimal time required by the SMTP server between subsequent login sessions.

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